July 14, 2015 By Vicki

3 Unexpected Benefits of Rebranding Your Business

Less than a minute Branding
Dr. Seuss’s Biggest Branding Advice For Small Businesses
Dr. Seuss’s Biggest Branding Advice For Small Businesses
Does Your Business Have A Brand Personality?
Does Your Business Have A Brand Personality?

In our previous article, How To Attract What You Want For Your Business, we talked about how rebranding could help your business to achieve certain goals.

Having delivered many rebranding projects successfully, we’re always pleased to hear positive feedback from our clients. Here’s what our customers have shared about the benefits of rebranding their business:

  1. Internal clarity about the business direction. It’s common for business owners to get swept up in the day to day operations. Rebranding gives business owners the opportunity to work on the business, rather than in the business. Going back to basics about the why, what and how of the business allows reflection, reaffirmation, and rejuvenation.
  2. Energise your team. Small medium businesses have the ultimate advantage when it comes to branding exercises. Because there are no organisational barriers, it’s easy to get the team involved in the brand audit and interviews. Everyone loves to be heard and have their opinion matter; rebranding exercises often create great buzz and excitement within the organisation.
  3. Thrill your customers. Your long-term customers will be pleased with your brand makeover. It injects new energy into your working relationship, and it also reassures customers that you take updating your business and improving your service to them seriously. Hearing compliments from your customers is always a great thing!

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