January 30, 2019 By Vicki

Can Your Logo Survive Beyond the #10YearChallenge?

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Why Can’t I Find My Website On Google Search Results?

2019 will be our tenth year in business, and it will be a year of insightful reflection for us.

The #10YearChallenge is a fun activity to post photos of ourselves and see how far we've come. Why not apply this to the businesses that we've founded? It is a good opportunity to take a look inward, and to evaluate how we can brew things better.

An obvious starting point would be to look at the face of your business – your corporate identity, your logo, your visual branding.

Does the relationship between you and your company logo still spark joy*?

Here’s how you can test if the 'spark' is still there:

  1. Are you proud to wear your logo literally on your sleeves? E.g. your company swag, like T-shirts, jackets, bags etc.
  2. Does your logo still best represent your business, values and personality? Is it the best expression of your business?
  3. Do you feel 'trapped' in this relationship? Does your logo still evoke an emotional connection to you and your stakeholders?

If the 'feelings' are gone, thank your current logo for the years of support and talk to a professional to overhaul your business branding!

*Clearly someone has been watching too much 'Tidying Up With Marie Kondo' on Netflix...

Standing up to the test of time

We're proud to showcase some examples of identities we've brewed that are more than a decade old, but still looking good & staying relevant!

Created in 2007, Udders Ice Cream logo has gone through some minor transformations to go with the times and the expansion of service offerings, but the iconic mammary glands trademark is largely intact and still in use.

This Hong Kong cafe concept opened its doors in 2004, and we were tasked with designing an identity that is reminiscent of the Hong Kong skyline and the city's iconic neon lights.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

Mae West

Keep It Simple & Savvy (K.I.S.S.)

Many facets of a business have to be considered when it comes to designing a logo, such as origin story, values, personality, audience, USPs etc. It's more than slapping a few fonts and colours together, and logo designers often have to simplify the complex to achieve a pure and clear message. By keeping things simple and sticking to the classics, we eliminate any clutter that may 'age' with time or trends or limit and complicate the application of the logo.

A good logo enables you to slice and play with it in many ways.
(TCB Grill)

A good logo can be a simple wordmark that sings its unique tune.
(Teacher Ping)

A good logo gets into the soul of the company culture.

A good logo revamp can give multi-generational businesses a boost of renewed energy.
(Philip Liew & Co.)

A good logo sets the tone and goes a long way.

Need a facelift to make sure your logo's next #10YearChallenge is on point? Let's chat!

“I Don’t Want To Make Business Life Easier.”
(Said No One Ever.)
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