February 27, 2017 By Gobbs

Celebrating Women-led Businesses That Make A Difference

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A few years back, even before the term ‘social enterprise’ was a buzzword for businesses that give back and enrich our society and communities, I had a discussion with my business partner Vicki about reaching out to such businesses with heart for creative collaboration, so that our craft may indirectly help to make a difference too.

Shortly after that conversation, the universe heard us, and we were introduced to three female founders who incorporate social causes in their business simply out of sheer passion, love and drive to make the world a better place in their unique ways.

This International Women’s Day, we would like to give these inspiring lady bosses a big shout-out for the difference they make, and to thank them for the opportunity to collaborate through design.

1. Ping of Teacher Ping

Gone are the days of the piano teacher from hell, when you have music educators who are all heart like Ping!

Ping is on a mission to break that negative cycle of teaching through fear in Singapore, and wants to help parents and children to create a learning environment filled with fun and love.

Besides changing the way parents approach education, and helping children to grow through music, Ping donates part of her profits and organises trips to help My Home Project, which provides homes for orphans in Maesot,Thailand.

We’re pleased to have worked with Ping on her branding and website!

2. Amelia Kang & Eileen Chong of Project Unsung Heroes

This dynamic duo have found that sweet spot by creating a sustainable business that does social good.

By working with organisations and brands and putting a spotlight of ordinary everyday people doing extraordinary things that create good, Project Unsung Heroes creates a pay-it-forward effect through their videos and short films, and encourages others to be ‘ordinary heroes’ too.

Since their launch in 2013, their stories have brought in love and contribution from all areas. People have donated furniture, food, clothes, equipment, and volunteered their time to champion the various causes.

Our thanks for Project Unsung Heroes for the opportunity to work on their identity design.

3. Pamela Chng of Bettr Barista Coffee Academy

Pamela is the founder of Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, that is one of the first social enterprises in Singapore to adopt a holistic approach in its training programmes for disadvantaged women and at-risk youth. Bettr Barista uses a whole-person approach that combines professional coffee education with life and emotional management skills, and physical training.

A quote by Rumi says: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” In our opinion, Pamela is a ‘human bean’ who created a ripple in the coffee industry and our society!

You can get your coffee fix AND do social good by visiting any of the Bettr Barista Coffee Carts. Feel free to interact with the crew and leave a tip to show your support for their service!

To celebrate their 5 years of changing lives through coffee, Bettr Barista held a warming graduation ceremony, which we had the pleasure of attending. We were honoured to help them share their results through an infographic design.

To these women who took the road less travelled in exchange for a better world, we salute your boldness to make a difference!

We look forward to working with more female (and male – don’t be so sad LAH!) entrepreneurs with a cause – let’s do business with heart!

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