November 29, 2017 By Vicki

Design for a Great Small Business Marketing Strategy

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Most people see marketing and design as separate business activities, but in reality, they’re like a loving married couple – they won’t do well without the other and they’re always better together.

Why do I say this?

The role of marketing is to facilitate action from your audience to meet your business goals. It could be anything from purchasing your product, engaging your services, driving traffic to your website, elevating brand awareness or getting sign-ups for an event. All these activities lead to the end goal of making a conversion and getting that sale.

Design For A Great Small Business Marketing Strategy


A brilliant marketing campaign will help you drive traffic, but will fall short without good design that is conversion-focused, supports your business brand and is aesthetically appealing. It’s like pouring water into a sieve. Similarly, great design without a strong marketing campaign will just sit on the shelf, unseen and unloved.

Design isn’t just a visual that’s appealing; there’s so many underlying facets to it. Design plays a part in forming your audience’s perception of your business:

  • Trust – Can I park my money with you, and have peace of mind that I’ll receive your product/service?
  • Credibility – Do you have the expertise to deliver what you’re claiming?
  • Value – Is your product/service worth the pricetag?

All these work together with your marketing efforts to assure, convince and persuade your audience to choose your business over the competition. You may have the best strategy and best content, but remember that it is all tied together and ‘packaged’ by design.

So before you direct your resources on a big marketing campaign, make sure consideration for design is built into your process.

Invest in design to get the most out of your marketing efforts for a happily ever after!


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