April 26, 2018 By Vicki

Discover Your Brand Story With LEGO®

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Say what?

LEGO®? Isn't that an educational toy for kids?

That was our first thought too, and then when we saw a post from our buddy, Isman Tanuri of Elisan Partners. He had just completed his certification for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP), a methodology that can be used for some serious problem solving in the business world.

Our curiosity was piqued, and we met up with him for a long overdue catch up, and to learn more about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Isman shared this video that best explains LSP: 

LSP can benefit businesses facing complex issues like the following:

  • When you have a complex and multi-faceted issue with no clear answers
  • When seeing the Big Picture, understanding connections between factors and the ability to explore various options and potential solutions are important to you
  • When you have a diverse set of employees or participants from different departments, age groups or organisational status

Quack quack

We started off with a warm-up exercise: With just a few given bricks, make a duck.

My duck was pretty standard issue. Gobbs' feathered friend was looking rather deflated. Isman's duck looked like something out of The Terminator.

It was pretty amazing to see how diverse our idea of a duck turned out to be! (And also quite amusing to see how it reflected each of our personalities instantly)

A really powerful point was right there in our faces - everyone has their own perception and understanding of what something means, or view of a problem or situation.

This tiny exercise makes this realisation tangible and visual, creating a stronger impact.

Getting our feet a little wetter

We wondered: how can we integrate LSP into what we do? 

A light bulb came on...How about weaving LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® into brand strategy and storytelling sessions?

We were excited as there is a huge potential for this application, and clients would certainly be more engaged and have loads more fun with such a branding exercise.

So you can now Discover Your Brand with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Here's the lowdown:

  • You have a team of 3 or more to get good perspectives
  • We build brick models and everyone gets to share their stories through the models
  • We cover both external perceptions of the brand, as well as aspirational view of the brand
  • This process will get you deeper and deeper into your thinking and perceptions – helping you to unlock knowledge and gain clarity
  • At the end of this 2 to 3 hour session, you should have a clear overview of what your brand represents and what your values are

If your curiosity has been piqued too, get in touch and find out more about how LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can help you define your brand further.

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