July 20, 2015 By Vicki

Does Your Business Have A Brand Personality?

1 minute Branding
3 Unexpected Benefits of Rebranding Your Business
3 Unexpected Benefits of Rebranding Your Business
Don't Fall For The False Hustle
Don’t Fall For The False Hustle

Just like people, every business has a personality.

We all have two ‘faces’. One is internal, private and seen only by our closest friends and family, and the other is external, public and seen by the people we interact casually with. The same can be applied to your business, and it is called “brand personality”‘.

Why showcase your brand personality?

Brand personality humanises your business. It tells your prospects and customers that there are real people behind the company that they can connect with, and this creates an emotional aspect to the business relationship. For Brew, our personality has helped us to attract like-minded clientele, which makes doing business so much more fun!

Collect the best traits of your internal personality
  • Have a brainstorm with the team to pinpoint what you think are the best qualities about your internal personality. For example, the Brew Crew is cheeky, witty and straightforward (without being blunt!).
  • Now ask your current customers about what personality traits they appreciate and enjoy.
  • Compare the two and merge the list of what works best.
Get your personality out there with branding touchpoints

Customers who interact with you and your team closely during the course of business will know what your company culture and personality is like, but what about your target audience who has yet to convert into customers? How can you let what’s on the inside shine through?

Your business relies on various touchpoints to communicate and interact with both your customers as well as your pre-purchase audience. Here’s what a business would routinely use in day-to-day marketing efforts:
Brand Touchpoints

Be consistent and follow through

To successfully bring your brand personality across these touchpoints, requires you to be intentional with each asset. Everything should be aligned and followed through. The last thing you need is to have an awesome website, only to have the whole brand experience fall flat, thanks to a grouchy receptionist who took your prospect’s call. That would be fine only if your business has a deliberately grumpy personality!

Take stock of your current touchpoints
  • Are your internal and external personalities singing the same tune?
  • Is there consistency throughout all the assets; is it the right consistency?
  • What are the touchpoints you should have, but overlooked?
  • Which touchpoints are weak and need to be improved?

Remember, don’t try to be something that you’re not – it may backfire on your business instead of creating a positive impression.

“I Don’t Want To Make Business Life Easier.”
(Said No One Ever.)
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