January 31, 2018 By Vicki

Me, Myself And I: How To Not Engage Your Audience

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Design for a Great Small Business Marketing Strategy
Design for a Great Small Business Marketing Strategy
It’s Time To Add HTTPS To Your Website
It’s Time To Add HTTPS To Your Website

We've seen it before, plastered all over a website or on a brochure.

"We strive to be the very best in Singapore and JB."

"We have 5 offices on Earth and 3 on Mars."

"Our annual turnover is $1 million dollars* and ." 
*This is perfectly fine in an annual report to stakeholders.

I'm pretty sure most people who encounter such messages switch off immediately – I know I do.

How is it relevant to me? Who cares? So what? This brand is trying too hard!

Many businesses tend to talk about themselves all the time and ‘push’ their message onto their intended audience. This was the traditional method of promoting products and services.

But with markets becoming increasingly saturated and competitive, coupled together with the rise of the savvy consumer, businesses must ‘pull’ their audiences in with content that is relevant and of interest.

Drop the ‘me, myself and I’ narrative. Put your audience first. What are they interested in? What do they care about?

For instance, a majority of our email newsletter content is always for our subscribers – content that helps them make their work life or day-to-day business tasks easier. The secondary focus on what Brew is up to, like our latest project.

We’ve received lots of positive feedback from our subscribers that they look forward to our newsletter as they find it useful and engaging.

My personal rule of thumb when it comes to producing content for Brew’s marketing, is to be useful and helpful.

You’ll be surprised at how a little shift in this perspective can do wonders in building a relationship with your audience, and keeping them engaged.

“I Don’t Want To Make Business Life Easier.”
(Said No One Ever.)
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