March 27, 2017 By Vicki

No One Gives A **** About Your Business

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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting The Right Clients

How many businesses are you a huge fan of? Do you actively advocate their services/products?

Probably not too many, right? Now let’s be Brew-tally honest and turn that around:

How many people care about YOUR business?

‘If you build it they will come’ no longer applies in this age of globalisation and accessibility.

People don’t care about how you strive to be the leading blah blah blah, how many swanky offices you have, or how big your team is – they’re only concerned about about how you can:

  1. Identify their pain point(s)
  2. Provide a solution to these problems
  3. Fix said problems better than your competitors, and then some

It’s YOUR job to differentiate yourself from your competitor. Not by low-balling through price, not by being a ‘yes’ man or woman, not by promising the moon and stars, but by clearly communicating how you deliver value.

When I say ‘communicating’, it’s not just purely about words. Communication comes in many forms:

  • Spoken/verbal communication
    Face-to-face, by phone, audio media like radio and television
  • Non-verbal communication
    Body language, the way we dress, the way we behave
  • Written & visual communication
    Emails, chat messages, brochures, websites, even your business logo

Every touchpoint of your business is a form of communication – ultimately, all of them work together form your business ‘packaging’ which helps your target audience understand the value you bring to the table.

So, how do you know if your business communications needs some help articulating what you offer? Here are some common tell-tale signs:

  • Are you really good at what you do, yet somehow business isn’t coming in.
    You have plenty of experience and deliver great work, but a lot of business is going to your lesser-qualified competition. You’re feeling kind of fed-up and demoralised about the situation.
  • You keep getting the wrong kind of leads or referrals.
    You do A but people seem to think you do B. Attending to your leads and referrals ends up being a waste of time – you often go ‘Oh no!’ instead of ‘Oh yeah!’ when you get a new lead.
  • You find yourself having to constantly lower your prices/fees in order to compete for business.
    You are unable to differentiate your service or product from your competitors, which results in potential customers having no other comparison points except by the lowest price.

If the above is the story of your life, then it’s time to strongly consider getting a professional to review your brand and marketing communications. We love helping small and medium businesses who are great at what they do to stand out and beat their competition. Tell us about the challenges you’re facing to score an invite to our complimentary 1-hour discovery session.

In a nutshell, remember that no one gives a damn about your business. It’s YOUR job to make them care. People are focused on themselves and solving their problems.

Position and repackage your business to clearly communicate your value, and you’ll see an improvement in the kind of business you do.

“I Don’t Want To Make Business Life Easier.”
(Said No One Ever.)
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