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A kind of magic happens when you discover your brand story.

We turned Amanda Blum's powerful words into a visual brand that reflects who she is as a writer and brand storyteller.


Amanda Blum


Logo Design
Namecard Design
Information Architecture
Web Design
Wordpress Development

Amanda Blum is a writer, storyteller and humanist, and one of our BFFs in business. The story and large part of content you see here on our website is a result of working with her.

For the longest time, because Amanda had bootstrapped her own logo and website, she didn't have 'outsides that matched her insides', and felt that it was time to consolidate her ideas and voice to develop an identity and website that she can proudly promote and attract more dream clients.

The overall identity needed to reflect her personality – creative, approachable, relaxed but professional. 

Amanda was specific about wanting a script-based identity and showed us samples of fonts she liked. We deliberated over similar fonts, but needed to pick one that was legible and would display well in all sizes. The idea was for the selected script to be applied as typographic slogans on other collaterals too.

Amanda BlumA fleeting comment by Amanda that she actually owned a typewriter inspired us to pick a complimenting font that had a modern twist to the slab serifs produced by vintage typewriters.

One of the keywords Amanda used was 'bohemian', so we researched on colour palettes reflecting this trait. The colour combinations were chose less commonly used, yet complemented each other – this put a vibrant, quirky twist to the overall visual brand.

Put together, the final product fit Amanda's brief perfectly and she embraced her new identity with excitement and love.

Amanda Blum

Unlike the usual project where content is a struggle, we had an abundance of great content produced by Amanda. We dissected it and put it together again, planning out the site structure and the best way to deliver each morsel of information in the fewest clicks possible.

With more content, we ensured that cross-links and call-to-actions were applied as much as possible, to guide users to the next step, rather than passively waiting for them to click on something else. Being a content-driven business, it was also important for Amanda to build her subscriber list to share her articles and insights across a wider audience, so we added prompts to invite users to subscribe to her newsletter.

The website was built to be responsive, and translates well onto mobile devices, ensuring that Amanda's audience gets her message loud and clear even when on the go.

It was a pleasure working with Amanda on her website – it was fun and exciting to go with the creative flow; our suggestions and ideas were heard with an open mind and heart. The end result is truly a collaborative labour of love –thank you for putting your 'baby' in our hands!

Working with Brew for my own site (as well as my client’s sites) was an incredible journey. I felt like Brew had my back.
Where I fell short of ideas they filled in the gaps. They even came up with one of my banner taglines! Now every time I look at my site it’s like seeing a little bit of my soul floating on the internet. They really “got me” and found a way to translate my ideas into a cohesive visual brand.
It seems my dream clients thought so too – within the first week of launching I received an influx of enquiries and closed a $7500 sale. The ROI was instantaneous. 
I’m very grateful to have a strategic website that looks and feels like me and speaks to my audience the way I want it to. Thank you Brew!

Amanda Blum
Writer, storyteller & humanist

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