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Charting an amazing journey.

We helped the Amazing Trekkers Club to consolidate their 2016 activities in an exciting photo montage video to share online.


Amazing Trekkers Club


Creative Concept
Video Production

Coming in through a referral, ATC was having an upcoming event to rally signups for their 2017 treks, as well as to celebrate their many milestones in 2016. A video would be the best way to capture all their various activities and treks. There was tons of content and material to use, so the challenge was to get it all organised, and keep the video upbeat and well-paced.

This was a step outside of our usual services, but because our co-founder Vicki had come from a film school background, it was definitely a skill we had under our belt. It took some planning to sort out the different sections and best photos and video clips to use, but once we sourced for the perfect soundtrack, pacing the visuals to keep in beat with the uplifting music was fun. Producing the video took Vicki back to her film school days and it was nice to dust off some old skills and put them to good use.

Many thanks to ATC for entrusting their video with us – looks like the event was a success! We look forward to updating the video with their 2017 milestones.