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Event collaterals and environment design for Singapore's first Certified B Corporation and a "Best For The World" company.


Bettr Barista Coffee Academy


Booklet Design
Signage Design
Poster Design
Storefront Design
Merchandise Design
Print Consultation & Management

With Bettr Barista's first-ever coffee and craft appreciation event, Bettr Week, event collaterals needed to be designed, while adhering to the academy's existing corporate identity guide

We were also tasked to jazz up the outlet at *Scape and showcase Bettr's brand culture and social mission, whilst working around the parameters of the existing space and infrastructure.

While we got to sample the wonderful brews from their baristas-in-training, we didn't need much coffee to work on this project. We were totally aligned with their intent and vision, and plenty of creative daydreams poured out of us, straight from our hearts. In fact, parts of the execution were hand-crafted with love just like their coffee!

The key activity of the Bettr Week was a coffee crawl, where participants would go cafe-hopping and learn about different blends and types of preparations. A little passport of sorts was needed to feature the cafes and their locations, as well as a centre-spread map. With each visit, participants could get a stamp on their map and when all cafes were visited, a little token could be claimed. We also helped to jazz up their microcopy with a little creative writing, like using 'Human Bean' instead of 'Name' on the passport covers.

Bettr Barista


To strengthen the Bettr Week message, we created handwritten lettering for the "Feel, Live, Be, Think, Do Bettr" manifesto, a mark to be left on event badges, bookmarks that doubled up as a call-to-action and a badge holder, and other collaterals.

We designed posters, stamp cards, and directional standees that played off the Bettr Barista logo and a traffic stop sign. We also took into consideration on how the standees could continue to be used for other future events, to help reduce production costs and wastage.


We were delighted to have the opportunity to do some storefront dress-up. The Bettr Barista @ *Scape outlet was a lovely playground for us to get our creative hands dirty. We first consulted with Pamela, the founder of Bettr Barista, and her team to find out all the available material that we could "play" with, in order to reduce unnecessary production costs.

Part of the requirement was to dress up the front entrance glass panels, and while the focus was to to reinforce Bettr's visual branding and the ethos, we did not forget to incorporate some interactive fun by simply having 2 circular shapes cut out from the vinyl stickers to reveal the staff in action. We affectionally named them the 'peek-a-bettr' windows.

Counter dress-up was very important, as it is the perfect opportunity to tell customers more about Bettr Barista's mission, while they were waiting for their cuppas. The height of the available space was a challenge, as it was at waist-level and easily missed out. We solved this by creating minimal yet arresting graphics to bring out key messages.

We were delighted to have wooden pallets to work with, which were transformed into menu boards and movable partitions. It was all up to our imagination within the given timeframe!

Our thanks to the input and inspiration from Pamela the founder and her wonderful marketing & communication team – their collaborative efforts made this labour of love so much better!

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