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Bettr Barista
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A journey of transformation, empowerment and hope.

Brewing Canossaville’s inaugural newsletter to help spread the love and good work that the organization does.


Canossaville Children & Community Services


Newsletter Design
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2017 was a year of major transition for Canossaville Children & Community Services. A big decision was made to transform the Children's Home into a integrated preschool that nurtures children with special needs and those who are financially needy, vulnerable and at-risk.

With this development, it was important to crystallise their achievements and progress and share them with staff members, volunteers and sponsors alike. To do this, Canossaville decided to launch their inaugural newsletter to help spread the good word.

To help create consistency throughout the newsletter, we created a visual theme and style. Working with the lovely Canossaville team, we presented the content in a fun and engaging way that brings readers into the whole transformation experience.