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Bringing out the Krazy Kat Lady in us.

The Cat Welfare Society's limited edition 2018 calendars are back, featuring many quirky, sometimes grumpy, but always beloved feline friends.


Cat Welfare Society


Creative concept
Calendar design
Print consultation & management

This wasn't our first meow when it came to designing calendars for the Cat Welfare Society – we had the pleasure of lending our creative skills to the 2012 and 2013 editions.

2018's theme is 'Our Heartland' to focus on how community cats bring character and joy to residential neighbourhoods across Singapore. Working with the photographs taken by volunteers, we were tasked with bringing out the best in each cat, laughing out loud at some of the quirky captions that were perfect for the moment captured.

To emphasise on the heartland theme, we drew line illustrations for each month that feature memorable neighbourhood landmarks and activities, such as the retro dragon-shaped playground and friendly soccer matches at a community field.

For added quirk, we popped in little kitties up to their antics to mark festivities and public holidays.

We are thrilled to be able to help bring awareness to the good work that CWS does for our feline counterparts!