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CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School 80th Anniversary

A creative dance to a mellifluous tune.

Making CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School Alumnae Association Choirs Inaugural Concert and 35th Anniversary sing with elegance.


CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School Alumnae Association Choir


Logo design
Banner design
Programme booklet design

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School Alumnae Association Choir, we were commissioned to create a creative concept for their inaugural concert that captures the theme Mellifluous; a theme that reflects sweet-sounding, sweet-toned, dulcet, honeyed, mellow, soft, euphonious, harmonious, and tuneful.

As we browsed through the concert repertoire, and considered the performance duration, venue, and target audience, the colours and sounds of nature quickly came to mind.
We envisioned the collateral to feel like a relaxing stroll into a garden sanctuary, through the ethereal beauty of the Victoria Concert Hall.

As a result, the Mellifluous logo was constructed with a mixture of flora and fauna, incorporated with 3 birds representing the soprano, mezzo and alto group members.

Our thanks to the input and inspiration from the music director and conductor, the concert organising committee and the performance of the choir team.