CHIJ St Nicholas' Girls School Alumnae Association Choir
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School Alumnae Association Choir
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An amazing 80 Years of Love & Giving.

How do you archive decades of sweet memories made at CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School?


CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School


Creative concept
Commemorative logo design
Merchandise design
Event collateral design
Coffee table book design
Print consultation & management

Our task was to create a bilingually effective theme that captures the celebratory mood of the school’s 80th Anniversary, while reinforcing the theme of focus for the year – 'gratitude' and 'pay-it-forward'.  

The overall theme takes its inspiration from Kierkegaard's philosophy of living life forwards, while being fully aware of how the girls have arrived in the present. It represents the school's commitment to loving and giving back to the society which has nurtured them.

The celebratory mood began with the creation of the tagline followed by the commemorative logo and brand guide to set the tone for the all collaterals for the entire year. 

The logo adopts a classic emblem design which combines the old and the new, by incorporating a contemporary element in Victorian and Baroque styles.

The continuous ribbon-like letterform of '80 Years' kicks off the celebratory feel, with the arresting shade of fuchsia that expresses not just vibrancy and vigour, but also universal love. This complements the agape love behind the idea of  'Love and Giving'. 

Pink is also the colour of the 寿桃 longevity peach bun,  another celebratory symbol for the school's 80th birthday. The final element of the design, the octagonal frame, once again harkens back to classical styles and having each side represent a decade of the school's history. It is also commonly associated with luck and fortune.


The logo was applied across various merchandise including programme sheets, tickets, commemorative porcelain chopsticks and spoon gift sets, lunchboxes, and tote bags.

We wanted every single collateral to be a keepsake to mark this joyous occasion that the girls, both present and past, could treasure.

The final commemorative token was a 200-page coffee table book. What better way than to package this treasure trove of memories from past to present in a nice gift box concept. A reminder to acknowledge the past, but very importantly, to embrace the present! 

An elegant scrapbook of sorts, photos (thanks to our photography partner Mankind Creative Pte Ltd) and copy came together to help the reader go on a nostalgic journey of their time at the school. A protective sleeve was added as a thoughtful touch, to help book owners to make their keepsakes last longer, as well as to elevate the importance and significance of this milestone.

It was a challenge to craft an overall theme to tie 80 years’ of history and traditions together (and to sift though a massive archive of past photographs), but through close collaboration with the teachers and staff of the school, everything came beautifully together in the end, to the delight of stakeholders that included the former principal, present students and ‘old girls’ from the school alumnae.

We send much love and gratitude to school’s key admin staff and editorial team, passionate alumnae girls, and professional photographers.