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Extra authenticity = lagi sedap!

Adding traditional Peranakan flair to the Chinta Manis storefronts.


Chinta Manis Peranakan Patisserie 


Mural Design

The Chinta Manis outlets needed to be spiced up with a wallpaper or mural pattern that could be used across their various locations.

The pattern needed to represent the Peranakan history and culture, so we started off with some in-depth research into the topic. Since Chinta Manis was all about Peranakan flavours, it was only natural that we focus on the plants and spices that were commonly used in the cuisine, such as banana leaves and galangal. We chose the bright colours that often adorn their traditional pottery, batiks and tiles.

Our thanks to the client for giving us this opportunity to find out more about Peranakan culture. It really is a thrill to see our work splashed across all Chinta Manis outlets across Singapore (while enjoying some kueh-kueh)!

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