Amanda Blum
Amanda Blum
Udders Ice Cream
Udders Ice Cream

Giving a family dental centre that extra 'bite'.

A brand new and shiny look for Dr Seow Dental Centre.


Dr Seow Dental Centre


Mascot Design
Storefront Design
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Our good friends at Lean Bento (love their healthy food!) recommended us to their neighbour Dr Seow Dental Centre. As you can see below, the signboards and storefront was a little worse for wear and needed some scaling and polishing!

Dr Seow and his team have been taking care of their patients' dental health for many decades and it was time to get rejuvenated with a new look. The revamp is part of a campaign to attract younger families and a new generation of dental professionals.

We went in with our thinking caps and measuring tapes, suggesting what's possible (while being practical) to improve the storefront. 

Dr Seow Dental ClinicDr Seow Dental Centre

Dr Seow Dental CentreDr Seow Dental Centre

We knew we would have to work within the constraints of marketing and advertising guidelines for medical practitioners – but there's no rule about giving a dental clinic a sense of wit and a bubbly personality! 

Part of our recommendation was to give the tooth mascot a modern contemporary makeover, and to use tongue-in-cheek headlines and call-outs. These suggestions were received with great excitement, and we were thrilled to give Dr Seow Dental Clinic the wonderful new smile it deserves.

Check out our behind-the-scenes video: