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Udders Ice Cream

Celebrating 100 years of Finnish independence.

A timely revamp of the bi-annual FinnLink Magazine for the Finnish Business Council Singapore.


Finnish Business Council Singapore


Publication Design
Print Consultation & Management

As part of the SuomiFinland 100 celebrations, the Finnish Business Council Singapore wanted to revamp their FinnLink Magazine. 

A more adaptable house style was needed to accommodate the various types of content and to give the magazine a more energetic flair and to retain a reader's interest. We also had to incorporate graphics from SuomiFinland 100 to highlight the ongoing festivities.

It was a challenge to manage the content as it was coming from multiple parties, but we were fortunate to have Laura Ranin, FinnLink's editor-in-chief, to take charge of the co-ordination and liaison with everyone involved. 

We advised on the paper stock and print 'finnish' (sorry, couldn't help it!) – a blind spot UV on the cover created an interactive touch and piqued curiosity. The first issue was well-received and we were engaged to design the 2nd issue for 2017 as well. We look forward to lending our creative support to the newsletters in 2018.