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Han's Brew


Logo Design
Storefront Design
Poster Design
Menu Design
Print Consultation & Management

Han's Brew is an independent coffee corner, housed in a small commercial building. With a space constraint and a limited budget, it was up to us to brew a personable and quirky identity for this new coffeeshop.

We crafted a stylised 'H' in bright and cheery orange tones as the Han's Brew identity – by using negative space, we worked in a secret 'B', so the logo is actually made up of 'H' and 'B'. This was to position the cafe to be the 'ray of sunshine' to his immediate surrounding audience, who would be from both the working and residential crowd. Although the space was small, we designed a signage that would 'pop' and be cost-effective to fabricate. 

While the renovations were on-going, we designed bright posters with cheeky messages to garner some interest before the shop opening.

To keep costs down, the inside of the shop would only have the bare basics, so how could we dress it up simply, but make a significant difference? We designed a vibrant wallpaper made up of the iconic 'H', that would create a nice ambience while customers waited for their orders.

Having a clear menu would be important to keep the customer queues moving; we designed a clean menu board that also highlighted a slightly unusual offering – goat's milk.