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Giving the Harmony Meditation Group a branding boost to level up in the legal world.


Harmony Mediation Group


Identity Design
Creative Concept
Stationery Design
Folder Design
Insert Design
Notepad Design
Banner Design
Print Consultation & Management

When Harmony Mediation Group was first set up, we were approached to do its original branding, where the brief was to create an identity that was less corporate and more approachable. After 3 years of business, Harmony Mediation Group shifted its focus to service larger corporations and needed an edgier and sleeker image.

The rebranding and marketing collaterals were also needed for the Mediation Symposium organised by the Law Society of Singapore. Harmony Mediation Group was a participant and wanted to use the event as the perfect opportunity to stake their ground and catch the eye of potential strategic partners.

Harmony Mediation GroupHarmony Mediation Group

Internal stakeholders were excited with the new collateral and the rebranding boosted overall confidence to contend with the more established key players in the mediation space.

We're grateful for the trust in us and for the returning business. We hope to continue supporting HMG in their continued business growth.