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Protecting your I.P. the stress-free way.

An easy-to-understand introduction to LJ Vernus' range of Intellectual Property protection services.


LJ Vernus Pte Ltd


Namecard Design
Folder Design
Insert Design
Print Consultation & Management

LJ Vernus needed a proper brochure that they could bring to meet prospects, and to leave a tangible piece of collaterals behind for better presence.

To help the client save costs and stretch their production dollar, we suggested creating a folder with inserts instead. That way, the folder can be used to house the inserts, as well as having a dual use for when they present their reports.

By using inserts instead of producing a whole brochure, there would be a much lower reproduction cost in the event there was an additional insert to be designed or if there was a content edit in an existing insert. To elevate the look of the folder, we recommended using a blind spot UV for an unusual and edgy finish.