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Creating an identity and online presence to help Lovorth parachute into ideas and push boundaries for their client's events and media needs.


Lovorth Events & Media


Identity Design
Web Design
Wordpress Development

Lovorth is a young and energetic events and media agency, founded by a brother and sister team. With their motto 'Love and Worth', they needed a identity and website revamp to reflect their belief that work created for their clients should be different and have a deeper meaning.

Having met and interacted with Mervin and Brenda several times through a mutual friend, as well as business networking, we know their personality to be optimistic, sincere and outgoing.

We proposed an abstract parachute as their brandmark, representing their 'jump right in' and gungho approach to whatever they do. The little triangles that make up the parachute are a subtle nod to their multi-faceted talents and creative ideas.

Although their services are geared towards B2B, there is really no reason why we couldn't inject a shock of colour to help the Lovorth brand stand out in a competitive events management market.

Lovorth Events & Media

The revamped website's primary function is to showcase all the various projects Lovorth has produced. Since there are many different types of projects like video, events management, and photography, it was also important to have an easy way to filter them.

By having the projects displayed on the homepage, a great first impression is created and instant credibility is established.

We're thrilled to help Lovorth create a website that does justice to the awesome work that they do!