Harmony Mediation Group
Harmony Mediation Group
Amanda Blum
Amanda Blum

Capturing the passion and talent of a school.

Helping Orchid Park Secondary School to make the very best first impression.


Orchid Park Secondary School


Creative Concept
Folder Design
Print Consultation & Management

Who knew that schools would have to vie for the attention of students and parents?

In preparation for the PSLE students who would soon graduate and embark on their secondary school selection, Orchid Park Secondary School needed an eye-catching folder to showcase the school's performing arts and co-curricular activity offerings.

Sifting through an archive of photographs, we picked out the best representations for the folder's key message 'Where Every Child's Passions & Talents Flourish'. By creating a collage of these photos, we painted a picture of the diverse co-curricular activities that Orchid Park Secondary School students can leverage on to fuel their interests and talents.

The folder design was a hit, and we recently received a request to print another large batch of the folders for the school's continued use.

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