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Hello, is it meat you're looking for?

The Carving Board rebrands as TCB Grill.


TCB Grill


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We first met Gary and Lynette at the Tanjong Pagar Food Centre, where they were running their little gourmet soup stall, The Soup Bar. We fell in love with the wonderful soups and that delicious tuna nicoise salad (very posh for a hawker centre!) and happily had our lunch there almost every day. Alas, they moved away to start a grill stall in the West, far from our work and home.

We got to meat again, when they reached out seeking help to rebrand The Carving Board. There were some issues they faced:

  • Suppliers found it hard to recall and pronounce The Carving Board, as most were Chinese-educated.
  • A more 'chillax' vibe had to be established, to encourage customers to do more than just sit and have their meal. Gary and Lynette wanted customers to come hang out over ice-cold beers (they have nice ones!) 
  • They needed to attract more 'foodie' diners who are interested in quality food more than just price alone. These ideal customers would also be more adventurous in trying new tastes and dishes.

The husband-and-wife team made the decision to use the name 'TCB Grill' to make it easier to recall and pronounce. It also gave a more casual and approachable ring than 'The Carving Board'. 

Their vision is to change the perception of kopitiam food, and to educate Singaporeans that kopitiam food can evolve to be hearty and satisfying, while maintaining a high quality and staying affordable. We interpreted this as a revolution against subpar food and based our logo design on the traffic 'STOP' sign:

The search for affordable gourmet steak is 'as easy as TCB'. This promise is reflected in this simple brandmark with handcrafted letterforms in a commanding red.

The background of grill tools presents an undertone of serious grilling done behind-the-scenes while discerning patrons patiently look forward to their meal.

This is the lovemark of honest and quality food.