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Event collaterals for the South East Asia Forum which commemorated 20 years of UL’s presence in the region.


UL International Singapore


Event logo design
Backdrop design
Banner design

To commemorate Underwriters Laboratories' 20 years in the South East Asia region, UL hosted a one-day interactive forum on Emerging Technologies and their Impact on Safety & Sustainability. We were commissioned to create a strong identity and collaterals for the event.

We designed the event logo around the concept of quotation marks, because a forum is about creating discussion and dialog on a featured topic. For a bold and futuristic effect, we applied a 3D perspective to the logo and used a complementing red to the UL identity. 

Banners were needed for branding purposes – we created a family of banner designs to be placed around the venue, with vibrant visuals representing the topic at hand. We also designed large format backdrops for the speaker and forum discussion areas.