We cut the fluff and hot air from design. That means no politics, no prima donnas, no jargon, and no ‘suits’ nor account executives at Brew.

Good design isn't just for the BIG GUYS. 

Every business, big or small, can benefit from a design-led strategy. We keep our outfit intentionally small and nimble so you invest purely in our expertise, effort and personalised service - not crazy overheads.

As a boutique agency sporting big agency experience, we bring first-class talent and affordability to start-ups and small biz.


This is how we (rock 'n') roll.

All of our clients are unique, so it’s logical that we approach each project differently. We are your guide, leading you from the research & planning, the design process, and all the way to launch.

We provide review sessions at every stage, gathering your feedback and input so you don’t get any unexpected (and unwanted) surprises.

Taking the first step is easy.

Have a branding or design hangover? We're here to help! Our nifty Project Planner will guide you on what details we need in order to give you the best advice.

Research & Discovery

We'll work with you to unearth the story and purpose behind your business journey so far. This first step will leave you with plenty of food for thought, in order to discover your true needs and goals.

Creative Exploration
We want to get you involved – you have a treasure trove of expertise and knowledge in your field that we can tap on; this helps us to discover new angles and possibilities. Collaboration is the key to success!
Design & Review
Our earlier process ensures that we're well on our way to a job well-done. At this stage, we work with you to fine-tune the design, put the icing on top and voila – our baby is born!

Above all else, we subscribe to the 3Bs.

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If you have a project brief to share, please send it to, or use our handy Project Planner. Should you prefer to chat to a human, simply click on the avatar below.

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