June 29, 2021 By Vicki

Why Can’t I Find My Website On Google Search Results?

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This is one of the most common questions we’re asked.

While there are many factors that affect your website’s SEO performance, and getting on Page 1 takes work, your website should still appear in search results unless there’s a technical issue somewhere.

Here are a few common reasons (in simple layman terms), why your website is not showing up on search engines:

1. Your website is newly launched

It could be a brand new site or a website revamp; you’ll need to wait at least a month or so for search engines to catch up and index your site. It’s not an instantaneous thing.

2. You are doing business in a market with competitive keywords

Every business will have its own set of common keywords that potential customers use.

Brew is definitely in a highly competitive market, and typical keywords that our target audience will use are ‘design agency’, ‘designer’, ‘web designer’, ‘creative agency’ etc. These are also the keywords that our competitors will implement on their website SEO, so as you can imagine that it’s rather hard to get on Page 1.

If you are also in a competitive industry, then you may need to consider doing a SEO audit and strategy to get your website ranked more favourably.

3. Your website is not optimised for search engine crawling

Search engines depend on meta content like titles, keywords and descriptions that should be embedded on each page of your website, so be sure to have this covered, or ask your website vendor about it.

4. Your website is blocking search engines

Some website platforms have a setting to block search engines from listing the website – this is used most commonly when a site is still a work-in-progress and your website designer wants to hide the staging site from public access.

The Wordpress platform, which we specialise in, has a built-in search engine blocker under Settings > Reading. If you’re on Wordpress, this is an easy check you can do on your own.

Disable search engines

In rare cases, there may be some custom ‘no index’ code within your website that is telling search engines not to list your website. By default, this shouldn’t be the case and it’s unlikely to happen, but it’s worth ask your website vendor about it.

5. Your website has been blacklisted by Google

You might’ve unwittingly used ‘black hat SEO’ and offended the Google Gods. You’ll know if you’ve been blacklisted when you receive a notification on your Google Search Console.

Just bear in mind that there are over 1.8 billion websites, so search engines have their work cut out for them, and getting on Page 1 will take some time and effort!

Does your website need to perform better to get those sales in? Let’s have a chat!

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